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Tips For Quick & Easy Cabinet Hardware Installation

Baseball Knob
Baseball Knob

How many times have you avoided purchasing something because you knew the installation/assembly process would be more than you could handle? Well today is the day that all changes, at least in terms of cabinet hardware. Installing cabinet hardware is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do; it's just a question of knowing how. After you finish this easy to follow installation guide, you can start giving your handyman a few tips!

PREPARATION: Installing cabinet hardware only takes about three minutes. Preparing for the installation is the real work, but don't worry, this doesn't take long either. Done right, everything will go smoothly. Otherwise...So listen up, and you'll have beautiful cabinets in no time.

  • Coordinate your holes before purchasing: If you are replacing old hardware, take note of the width of the current holes. It is a good idea to do this before you shop for new hardware pieces, as it will make installing easier and ensure that there are no unsightly holes to cover up. If you've already purchased a mismatched hardware piece, there is a solution. They're called backplates.
  • If this is a new cabinet hardware installation, test the position of the hardware before you go making holes everywhere. Try out different spots until you find the one you think looks best. You can use silly putty or tape to stick the cabinet hardware on temporarily.
  • Nouveau Pull
    Nouveau Pull
  • Measure twice, cut once: Remember that you want to keep things centered properly, so don't be afraid to check your measurements numerous times [Men: I promise not to tell Women: C'mon, you're not a man!]. You can even get out the level if you are nervous about installing the hardware unevenly.
  • When checking the drill centers, make sure to measure from one hole to the next, not from one end of the handle to the other. Often, cabinet pulls are longer than their actual drill center.
  • Choose the right bit: You can easily determine which size drill bit you need by inserting each bit into the screw hole of the hardware item. The one that fits the most snuggly is your best bit (pun intended).
  • An important tip to remember is that the length of screw you need will vary according to the thickness of the wood you are screwing into. The standard cabinet door is 3/4'', so you can use a typical 1'' screw most of the time, and be fine. Thicker doors and drawers will obviously require longer screws. *This is particularly true when dealing with drawers that have decorative facing. The additional panel makes the drawer face thicker, thus requiring longer screws.
  • Vertical preference: Many people prefer to install cabinet handles about 1/4'' higher than the vertical center for a more pleasing visual.
  • Install cabinet knobs and handles at least 1 1/2'' from the edge of the door/drawer to ensure the wood doesn't split. Alternatively, placing the handle too far away from the edge will make opening that door a burdensome act. On standard contemporary flat panel doors, knobs should be installed 1-1/2''-2'' from the open corner of the cabinet.

INSTALLATION: As mentioned, the actual cabinet hardware installation step takes a fraction of the time, so you're really almost done.

  • Once you've taken your measurements, mark and drill holes. *Damage control: A small piece of masking tape will keep the drill bit where it belongs and a slow, easy hand on the drill will minimize any wood chipping on the backside of the door/drawer.
  • Position cabinet hardware over the holes, and install screws through the backside of the drawer/door.
Chloe Pull
Chloe Pull

And that's it; installing cabinet hardware is as simple as that. Cabinet hardware can dramatically improve the appearance of a room, and now, thanks to these simple instructions, cabinet hardware installation doesn't have to be a daunting task any more. You can enjoy purchasing beautiful pieces, confident that you can put this integral design aspect in place quickly and easily. Now the only question that remains is which cabinet knobs, or pulls will you buy first?

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