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are they getting bigger or are kitchen tables getting smaller? Kitchen work & storage space solutions

While I was maneuvering a hot pan of lasagna through the air, one child occupying the table with homework and another one circling my torso while the third one chased him because he said that there IS someone bigger and stronger than Daddy, it occurred to me that our family might be outgrowing our kitchen.

As the day went on, I realized this must be the case. Our petite kitchen table was easily confiscated by the smallest project. Counter space was constantly at a premium, and there were just never enough chairs! When did this happen? I suppose when the babies quietly (and mutinously, if you ask me. No one asked me if they could grow up!) got older…and bigger. Between school books and papers, hobbies and crafts, and every other miscellaneous that comes along with raising kids, now each child took up not only a seat at the table, but a place in the house. What used to be an empty work surface was currently occupied by all the various accoutrements that come along with being a healthy, growing child.

If you are also struggling with this organizational (and emotional) issue, I have some space-efficient solutions for you. Let’s get the workspace back under control so that we can free up our headspace as well.

Kitchen Tables- A young couple gets married and purchases furniture that is appropriate for them. A small Kitchen Tablesbreakfast table is great for a sweet meal for two. Once the kids start bounding in, however, we have to start making some adjustments. Kids think BIG, and you should too. Large kitchen tables will help you to accommodate all your needs at once. Set up several children at different tasks with a bigger kitchen table, and even serve dinner easily with all the space.  Remember that this is not the dining room, and style is not a priority here. Kitchen tables should be spacious and sturdy, especially if your kids are anything like mine…

Kitchen Stools- At the same time, extra seating is becoming an issue. Babies that were fine with laps, high chairs or booster seats are now in need of a proper place at the table. Dining room chairs are bulky and can often be more of an investment than you are ready to make. Kitchen stools, on the other hand, create a Kitchen Stoolssimple alternative. At a much lower price tag, this seating option is a fabulous idea for growing families. Small enough to tuck under the table when not in use, kitchen stools also store easily in any corner or closet. Truth is, though, that you will not be storing them so frequently. Our kitchen stools are found all over the house, wherever an extra seat is needed. Stools are light enough for the kids to maneuver too, so they don’t have to bother me every time they want another chair.

Kitchen Islands-
Kitchen islands are a little bit of an investment, one that I was reluctant to make. Once I saw how convenient they are in the home of my dear friend Sharon (thanks Sharon), I knew that it would be worth the cost. Kitchen islands give you the extra prep space you need to prepare meals, go over paper work, file and pay bills or serve a straggler a quick lunch. What’s more, modern kitchen islands come loaded with features from fun compartments to convenient storage space, which brings me to my last kitchen solution…

Kitchen Carts-
With all these newly emerging people, there has been an influx of STUFF. It’s literally everywhere, and even an organized Kitchen Cartshomemaker like myself can get pulled down by the tidal wave of papers, gadgets and “treasures” that children bring along with them. Kitchen carts are those additional storage spaces that you so desperately need. Whether it’s closed cabinets for concealing the chaos or open shelves to house baskets of organized belongings, kitchen carts offer you the solace and flexibility of ample storage room. Most carts are also mounted on wheels, so you can put your storage anywhere you want, and change the location at a whim. On top of being your life preserver in the sea of disorganization, kitchen carts offer additional workspace.

Now that you have room again to move, work and dine, the only thing left to deal with is the fact that these little guys growing up way too fast. Unfortunately, furniture can’t solve all your problems. Some things are just going to have to be left alone for now. Take lots of pictures because, when you’re watching your kids grow up, tomorrow comes so fast.

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