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We’re Guest Blogging!

Your favorite blogger has made a guest appearance on another blog site. Here is a snippet: “Cabinet hardware can give you the ability to update your home without spending a fortune. From cabinet knobs and pulls to decorative hinges and beyond, the selection of cabinet hardware is so versatile it offers you both service and [...]

are they getting bigger or are kitchen tables getting smaller? Kitchen work & storage space solutions

While I was maneuvering a hot pan of lasagna through the air, one child occupying the table with homework and another one circling my torso while the third one chased him because he said that there IS someone bigger and stronger than Daddy, it occurred to me that our family might be outgrowing our kitchen. [...]

5 Steps to an Efficient Home Office – Lighting & Beyond

As a full-time mom who also has a full-time job from home, I can certainly appreciate the importance of an at-home office. You may not be aware, but there are many things to take into consideration when you are setting up your own office at home. Before you get overwhelmed by the prospects, here are [...]