Home Organization Tips

Kids’ Furniture Summer Revamps

With the summer vacation, comes, well, kids. That’s right, all the time. Kids are home all day long, itching for something to do. Whether they are busy in camp or twiddling their thumbs idly, they’ve all go one thing in common. Their rooms are a mess. One can hardly blame a child who is singing [...]

Get Rid of The Monster – Pantry Organizers

Project: Pantry Organization Estimated Project Time: 1-2 hours Before: Secretly, this is one of my favorite home improvement projects. As a young girl, my sister and I would play a game of organizing the pantry. We would take everything out, sort things according to type, and put them back in the most systemized manner we [...]

Out Out Darn Squeak!

This week, we took on a small project that I thought would make a big difference. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to get into a fight with a cutlery drawer any time you want a fork. What is worse is that nine times out of ten, the drawer wins. You end up exasperated, not [...]

Project Home Improvement

No one likes the cold weather, and around here, we simply despise it. Sometimes we joke around that our family is cold blooded, and that’s why we’re so cold all winter. Funny? Only when it’s someone else.          So this time, as the torrential rain poured down outside, the kids and I decided to do [...]